NCP New Carparts Video Tire Tyre Tags Barcodetags Marking Labeling Label for storage

29.11.2012 13:37



Tyre- Tire- Wheel Tags Barcodetags Marking Labeling Label for storage

  • Our tire barcodes and tags, respectably labelrolls, are water resistant (machine washable), flexible and perforated
  • They are ideally suited for easy tire storage at car dealerships, tire shops or automotive repair shops
  • Once torn by the perforation, the labels attach easily to the valve caps. Due to their elasticity, they have a very secure fit. That provides for a faster, safer and more convenient work situation, especially in the peak season
  • We have used this barcode and tag system in all of our facilities for years. It has been proven to be the easiest and most reliable setup for tire storage
  • One roll of tire barcodes consists of tags for 500 sets of tires
  • The tire racks and barcode labels are a registered trademark, licensed from the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • Surcharge for color labels

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